What To Bring     

The main items required for our motorcycle tours are helmets and eye protection as both North Carolina and Tennessee require each of these items. I also highly recommend a comfortable pair of boots that you can do some hiking or climbing in. You should bring leathers, as well as, some warm clothes regardless of what time of year you visit. We try and return from each days ride before or near sunset; however, if we do end up still in the mountains at night, it can get very cool very fast. I have been atop Mt. Mitchell during the day when it was 81 degrees in the valley and 58 degrees on top of the mountain. Keep in mind it is always better to be prepared. Also, I suggest swimming attire if you are here in June, July or August. The mountain waters are usually a little too cold during any other months. Many people like to take a dip and cool off in one of the mountain lakes or rivers, or under a waterfall during the summer. Also, all cabins have outdoor hot tubs that you may want to take advantage of. I also suggest you bring a digital camera as you will see many sights that you will want to capture and remember. All tours will include stops along each route specifically for photo opportunities.

NOTE: If you are riding in or flying in and plan on doing one of the longer tours, you can ship your clothes, gear or whatever else you think you will need by U.P.S. and it will be waiting on you when you arrive.

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