The following is a list of many of the destinations that we do guided tours to. These destinations are all located within a dayís ride of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, which are used as a base of operations for
most tours. Many of these destinations are included in basic group tour packages. Some, mainly because
of distance and time factors, will only be included in custom tours as they require an overnight stay away from our base of operations. (NOTE: all tours, as far as riding, are designed to end around sunset as
riding at night in the mountains. Night riding is very dangerous due to abundant wildlife and other
factors). It is important to note that although tours are led at a safe pace and within posted speed limits, roads such as the Devilís Triangle, Dragonís Tail, Hellbender, Mountain Waters By-way, The Snake, and especially mountain dirt roads such as those in and out of Cataloochee Valley, are not recommended for inexperienced riders. Many riders have been seriously hurt and/or killed on these roads. Also, on certain roads such as The Dragon, we will only do tours Mondays through Fridays for safety reasons. We ask that
all riders be honest with us about their riding experience as that will be a main factor in choosing which routes we ride on the basic tours.

Note: Click on the destinations listed below to learn more.

Available Destinations

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