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"In september 2007 I went to Tennessee. With my love for Country and Bluegrass music that was definitely a state I wanted to go visit. I wanted to visit Nashville and go to the Grand Ol' Opry andI wanted to go to Memphis to visit Graceland and go out on Beale Street, which I all did. Then Smitty convinced me to go East as well, since that part of the state would blow me away with it's natural beauty. And God knows, it did!! Smitty would be my tourguide. Until this day I'll be forever grateful to him for introducing me to one of the most beautiful places in this world. I don't wanna brag, but I do have some comparison. So I went East, to The Great Smoky Mountains and surrounding areas and Smitty showed me all. We had great scenic rides, with sunsets and sunrises ontop of the mountains, went to Indian Country, saw waterfalls, did The Dragon's Tail, saw wildlife, stayed in a cabin in the mountainsand since it was almost Octobre I had the chance to see some of the leafs turning into their Fall colors, amazing. I was deeply impressedwith what I saw. This part of the world is worth a visit for sure. And with Smitty as a tourguide I can guarantee you, you won't miss a thing and you'll see all this part of the US has to offer. He knows this area so well. He loves The Smokies and it shows! If any of you readers are planning a trip to this beautiful area I wish y'all lotsa fun!! Be careful, stay safe and enjoy the ride. Don't forget your camera!!!
If you have any further questions or whatsoever, feel free to contact me.
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Motorcycle Fantasy Vacations | Tennessee
Motorcycle Fantasy Vacations | Tennessee
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