Riding Season (April- November)     

Typically, motorcycle riding season in the Smoky Mountains is from April 1 to November 1. Depending on weather conditions, on occasion we can run tours into mid or late November to catch the last of the leaves in their fall colors. For those who want to do winter tours, to take advantage of the area ski lodges, to avoid the crowds, to catch the Christmas shows, or view the Festival of Lights and area Christmas parades, we will offer winter jeep tours. The first jeep will haul 3 people and our driver. For groups larger than 3, a tour guide to drive any addition jeeps needed to haul the group can be provided upon request (rental jeeps are available and are the responsibility of those taking the tours to rent any extra jeeps required to do group tours). As with the motorcycle rentals, you must be at least 21 years of age with a valid credit card and driverís license.

Those considering winter jeep tours should keep in mind that immediately after a snow with any accumulation, many of the mountain roads are closed to all types of traffic until the roads can be plowed and deemed safe for travel.

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