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The business name is Motorcycle Fantasy Vacations, named so because we do our best to provide a vacation that includes seeing or doing things that in the past, you may have only thought or dreamed
of. We want to provide those opportunities as well as showing you places and things that most visitors
to this area never get to see. We try and ride the less crowded back roads (both paved and dirt), and
the list of things to see and do seems almost endless. This website lists the majority of what's available
in the mountains of east Tennessee and western North Carolina..

Our tours are based out of the Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge area of east Tennessee. We are located on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The misty blue-gray clouds for which these mountains are named occur naturally as the result of great quantities of evaporating moisture. The 520,000 acre National Park was home to the Cherokee Indians as early as 1650 A.D. and inside the park, Clingman's Dome is still considered a sacred mountain by those that reside on the Native American
lands in western North Carolina.

Personally I find very little that is as relaxing, as comforting or as beautiful as riding through these mountains. Apparently I'm not the only one to feel that way. In 1898 naturalist John Muir wrote, "Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find that going to the mountains is going home." Today the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited National Park in the United States. For those that have never been here you owe it to yourself to come and see why that is still true today.

In addition to riding roads through some of the most beautiful country in this part of the world, one of
the things that make these tours so memorable is that your vacation accommodations will consist of staying in a beautiful and secluded mountain cabin or chalet. Cabins are completely furnished and include a hot tub on the back deck, jacuzzi bathtubs, most have pool tables, cable TV and
stereo systems as well as washer/dryers, Fully furnished kitchens and dishwashers. See our "Accommodations Page" for a slide show of some of the cabins that are available for our tours.

For those wanting to fly in and take our tours we will have you picked up at Knoxville, Tennessee's McGhee-Tyson Airport, taken to your cabin to settle in and then on to pick up your rental motorcycle (or Jeep for those wanting to do a tour on 4 wheels or winter tours). We have access to almost a complete line of rental Harley-Davidson's and Hondas. See our Motorcycle Rental Page for more information on rentals. See the "Airport/Airlines Page" for a list of carriers that fly into Knoxville and their contact information.

At Motorcycle Fantasy Vacations you can take a tour we set up or design your own vacation. Either way we make it happen as hassle free as possible by making all the advance reservations, ticket purchases, etc. prior to your arrival. We can even have your belongings waiting on you in your cabin for those that want to ship their clothes, gear, etc. in by U.P.S. prior to arrival. While the safety of those taking our
tours is our top priority, customer service is equally as important to us.

When you design your vacation package it can include things such as skydiving, hang gliding, zip lines, white water rafting, horse back riding or attending events such as a civil war reenactment, or the monthly "Underground Bluegrass" concert which is held in a large cavern, in a cave 333 feet underground. Choose from those or any of the other packages listed on our Options Page.

This area also has attractions such as aquariums, amusement parks, water parks, huge area shopping and outlet malls, flea markets, antique shops and malls, museums, tattoo parlors, day spas, a year
round ice skating rink, bungee jumping, Zorb rides and much more. It's literally a playground for
adults and kids of all ages. Check both our Destinations Page and Options page to get an idea of
what the area has to offer.

These mountains are also one of the top destinations in the country for weddings and honeymoons and
we can do wedding packages with weddings in a quaint mountain chapel, a sunrise wedding on top of the mountains complete with a motorcycle riding minister, in a beautiful cavern 333 feet underground,
in a botanical gardens, at a historical Mansion that was once a Confederate headquarters during the
Civil War, or even on a yacht capable of catering to 150 people or 6 bedroom houseboat for those that
like the water. We will do our best to make your special day one that you will always look back on
fondly and never forget. We can provide photographers or a video crew to record your special day,
flowers, caterers. or anything else that you might need. See the Wedding Chapels Page under Options
for licensing requirements in North Carolina and Tennessee.

There is a "Special Events Calendar" posted with plenty of area special events so that you can plan
your vacation to include any of those things that you might be interested in. We highly suggest you
look at that calendar when planning your vacation to this area. There are literally hundreds of
events listed such as car and bike shows, motorcycle rallies, drag races, concerts, festivals,
horse shows and rodeos and much, much more.

As previously stated SAFETY is our primary concern during our tours. We ride at posted speed limits or
less if we feel the conditions warrant that. These are touring trips. We are not here to see how fast
we can ride the Dragon or any other roads. Excessive speed in these mountains can get you killed or seriously injured in a hurry. Group tours will have a chase vehicle accompanying the ride during most
of our tours to haul purchases and in case of break downs. The driver is former law enforcement
officer and has Red Cross certification and First Responder training in the event of an accident.
All riders are required to sign a hold harmless/release form prior to taking our tours.

On custom tours that you design by picking your destinations and things that you want to see and do, PLEASE NOTE that there is a warning for those wanting to ride the " Dragon's Tail " (318 curves in 11 miles) and several other roads that are very challenging to ride. The Dragon's Tail has claimed over 25 lives of motorcyclists in the last 5 years. There were 96 reported accidents in 2006 alone. "The Devil's Triangle", the "Snake"(3 mountains, 1 valley and 489 curves), "Hellbender" and "Cherohala Skyway"
(38 miles of beauty) have taken their share of lives also. These roads are not recommended for
beginners and we prefer all riders have a minimum of two years riding experience. For those that are interested in riding here you might want to check out our photo slide shows on the Destinations pages
for the "Cherohala Skyway", the "Dragon's Tail", "Hellbender", "The Devil's Triangle" and "The Snake". That will give you an idea of what we are talking about and what you will encounter. We will NOT do tours of the Dragon's Tail on Saturday's or Sundays for safety reasons.

Tours are open to 1 and maximum of 10 riders per group, additional tour guides are available for
groups larger than 10. Tours can be booked from April 1 through November 15th (depending on
weather conditions). Tours will normally be 3, 5, 7 or 10-day tours. Tours that include Nashville
are limited to a minimum of 7 day tours, and Memphis 10 day tours.

Whether you take one of our tours or not we hope you enjoy this website. We have worked long and hard to compile all this information and hope you will tell your friends about it. Please let our
advertisers know that you saw their business or event listed on Motorcycle Fantasy Vacations website.

Thank you and ride safe.

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