There are many horse shows each year in both North Carolina and Tennessee. One of the biggest and best known shows in this area is the 11-day Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration in Shelbyville, TN. This event takes place each year in late summer and always ends on the Saturday
night before Labor Day. Each year nearly a quarter of a million tickets are sold to fans that travel
to Shelbyville from over 40 different states and several foreign countries.


This show is housed on a 105-acre complex. There are 63 barns that contain 1,650 stalls, an
outdoor stadium that seats approximately 30,000, a covered warm-up ring called Champions arena,
a 4,400 seat indoor arena for horse shows and a well decorated and manicured facility.


Also on the grounds is Calsonic Arena that can seat up to 7,000 people. In addition to their horse show this world class facility is also used for monster truck shows, circuses, dog shows, car shows, motocross events, rodeos, country music concerts, alpaca shows and other events. This facility is booked approximately 40 out of the 52 weekends each year. In addition to the Tennessee Walking Horses
breeds such as Arabians, Ponies of the Americas, Quarter Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses, Racking Horses, miniatures, and saddlebreds also call this facility their home on the weekends
they use this facility.


Another well known facility in Tennessee is Brownland Farm, located in historic Franklin, just 15 miles south of Nashville. Brownland Farm hosts many of the South’s top horse shows and is one of the country’s largest privately-owned horse show facilities. Each year this facility is home to 10 “AA” rated horse shows from April through October and has all the amenities to make your horse show stay enjoyable. Each week of horse shows contains a full range of hunter and jumper Classics and Divisions, including Grand Prix’s.


A partial list of horse shows is as follows (check the Special Events Calendar for exact dates and
contact, and other information):




Tennessee Quarter Horse Assoc. Celebration Circuit___________________ Harriman, TN

Brownland No Frills I Horse Show _________________________________Franklin, TN

TQHA All Novice Clinic/Show-___________________________________ Shelbyville, TN

Walking Horse Trainers’ Show ____________________________________Shelbyville, TN




Cumberland Classic Horse Show___________________________________Murfreesboro, TN

East Tennessee Walking Horse Assoc. Charity Horse Show______________White Pine, TN

Cow Horse Challenge and Youth Fun Show __________________________Vale, NC

Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders’ and Exhibitors’ Association Round Up ____Shelbyville, TN

Brownland No Frills II Horse Show_________________________________Franklin, TN

United Racking Horse Owners and Exhibitors Assoc.’s Charity Horse Show_White Pine, TN

Walk (Tennessee Walking Horse) Spring Horse Show__________________ Liberty, KY

Brownland Farm Spring I / $25,000 Grand Prix________________________Franklin, TN

Circuit By The River Quarter Horse Show ___________________________ Harriman, TN

Feathered Horse Spring Classic ____________________________________Shelbyville, TN

Brownland Farm Spring II / $25,000 Grand Prix _______________________Franklin, TN

Tennessee Miniature Horse Celebration ______________________________Shelbyville, TN

Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Association Spring Show _____Shelbyville. TN





TQHA Region 7 Lucky 7 Show____________________________________ Murfreesboro, TN

Nashville Country / $25,000 Tennessee Equine Hospital Grand Prix _______Franklin, TN

Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration Spring Fun Show_________Springfield, TN

Blue Grass Spring Fling __________________________________________Liberty, KY

TQHA Region 3 Hillbilly Classic___________________________________Harriman, TN




Nashville Classic / $30,000 Music Country Grand Prix __________________Franklin, TN

Tryon Riding & Hunt Club Show___________________________________Tryon, NC

Annual Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show – Saddlebred Portion _________Blowing Rock, NC

TQHA Region 2 Dogwood Classic _________________________________ Harriman, TN

Christy Anderson Memorial Region 3 Championship ___________________Ashville, NC

Best Little Horse Show in Tennessee ________________________________Nashville, TN

Brownland Farm Summer / $25,000 Grand Prix________________________Franklin. TN

Ashville Alive – Piedmont Classic Paso Fino Horse Show _______________Ashville, NC

Charlotte Charity Horse Show______________________________________Charlotte,NC




TQHA All Novice Clinic & Show _________________________________ Cookeville, TN

The Great Celebration Mule and Donkey Show _______________________Shelbyville, TN

East Coast Reining/Cowhorse Show ________________________________Harriman, TN

Walk (Tennessee Walking Horse) Summer Blast Show _________________Liberty, KY

Mid-South Classic / $25,000 Grand Prix _____________________________Franklin, TN

Ashville Invitational Indoor Horse Show_____________________________Ashville, NC

TQHA Country Music Show ______________________________________Harriman, TN

Blue Ridge Classic Horse Show____________________________________Fletcher, NC

Annual Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show – Hunter / Jumper Portion_____ Blowing Rock, NC

Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders’ & Exhibitors’ Assoc. Mid Season Show ___Shelbyville, TN




Annual Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show – Hunter / Jumper Portion_____Blowing Rock, NC

Addis Equine Auction ___________________________________________Shelbyville, TN

Kentucky Flat Shod Celebration ___________________________________Liberty, KY

Brownland Farms No Frills III Horseshow ___________________________Franklin, TN

Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration _______________________Shelbyville, TN





Brownland Farm Fall I / $25,000 Franklin County Grand Prix ___________ Franklin, TN

TQHA All Novice Clinic & Show__________________________________Harriman

Brownland Farm Fall III / $25,000 Brownland Fall Grand Prix___________ Franklin, TN

Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders’ &Exhibitors’ Assoc. Championship Show _Shelbyville, NC




TQHA Trail Ride______________________________________________ Harriman, TN

Brownland No Frills IV _________________________________________ Franklin, TN

Annual Stecoah Valley Cuktural Arts Fall Festival & Horse Show________Robbinsville, NC

Walk (Tennessee Walking Horse) Harvest Festival ____________________Liberty, KY

Middle Tennessee Pony Club Classic_______________________________ Franklin, TN

Tennessee State Dressage Championships ___________________________Shelbyville, TN




Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Assoc. Sport Horse

World Championships________________________ Shelbyville, TN

Brownland Farm Autumn Classic / $25,000 Grand Prix ________________ Franklin, TN




Santa’s Carrousel QH Show ______________________________________Harriman, TN

TQHA Holiday Circuit __________________________________________Harriman, TN



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