We are able to offer you a hang gliding experience with a few different companies in east Tennessee and western North Carolina. I have included information on a couple of different companies, their rates and what they offer.

Hang gliding for those that have never done it before is done in tandem, just as ski diving is.

One company that is available, the owner/pilot has 28 years experience so we are comfortable recommending/using him. With his business they still do things the old fashion way, foot launching
from high mountain bluffs verses using a tow plane,

Upon arriving and after the introductions you go through a 10 to 15 minute ground school, then you get into the harness and a helmet, and after the pilot does a preflight inspection of the craft and a “hang check” (lying down in the harness to assure you are attached to the hang glider properly, and then it’s
off you go. The whole process takes an hour and a half to two hours.

Pricing is as follows:


1 Flight ____________________________________________________________$135.00

2 People – 1 flight each _______________________________________________$235.00

Group rate of 3 or more _______________________________________________$115.00 each

3 Flight training program (for individual flight) _____________________________$285.00

1 HOUR + Hang Gliding Odyssey (Soaring conditions permitting) _____________ $235.00


At the end of each flight you will receive a roll of 35mm print film shot from the glider mounted camera.

Our second example is a company that offers three different tandem flight packages;

The first option is their most popular one-day hang gliding experience. This one begins with you flying your first flights in a controlled environment “surfing” the slopes of small hills and only about 5 to 10
feet off the ground. You will get five opportunities to fly from a small hill with a certified instructor guiding you step by step. After your morning session you will fly tandem with an instructor by your side
to an altitude of 2,000 feet where you will build on your experience in learning to fly a glider, Mild exertion is required. Flights for ages 12 and up. The “Introductory Experience Package” is $199.00.

The “Discovery Tandem Option” consists of a flight with a certified instructor/pilot by your side. These tandem flights are towed to an altitude of 2,000 feet by a special ultra-light aircraft. These flights give
you 12 to 20 minutes of flying time and in-flight photos will be available. These flights are priced at $149.00 and a two flight package (for the same person) is $219.00.

The third option is the “Double High Discovery Tandem Flight”. With this option you fly twice as high as the other packages, reaching an altitude of 4,000 feet. Flight time with this option is 20 t0 25 minutes.

The price on this option is $219.00.

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