As with many of the options that we have to offer, with this one we can provide a full range of kart
racing experiences all the way from mild to wild. If you are a novice to the hobby/sport there are many go kart tracks in the area that are suited for kids and adults alike. If you are a hard-core kart racer there are tracks in both east Tennessee and western North Carolina for you too.

There are three basic types of kart racing. The first type is dirt or speedway racing that is done on oval tracks that range from small bull rings to large mile tracks. With this type racing it's a left turn only
type of competition. Dirt track racing provides an ever-changing situation that proves an excellent challenge and these races are usually held at night. Asphalt tracks are a more constant form of racing,br> as far as track conditions and can be run day or night.

Sprint racing takes place on asphalt road courses with both left and right turns, banked curves, hairpins and straight-aways. This type of racing is usually a daytime activity.

Lastly there is Enduro racing which is held on large asphalt road courses. This type racing involves "lay-down" karts that test both kart and driver endurance. These karts are very fast, reaching speeds of over 100 mph and are raced on big tracks such as Daytona International Raceway and Road America. Due to the speed involved as well as the amount of money needed to get into this type racing, competitors are usually very experienced drivers and not recommended for novices.

Interested in going all the way? We can hook you up with dealers that sell the karts to get you into the Sprint or Enduro type racing. One such kart is the Yamaha/Veloce Sprint Kart. Another is the "Shifter Kart."

The first, the Yamaha/Velose Sprint Kart will qualify to run "The Yamaha Class" which is run at almost every 2 -cycle track in the country. The low initial investment and maintenance costs make this a very popular choice. The 100cc air-cooled Yamaha engine enables this kart to reach a top speed of 100 MPH. This kart currently sells for around $3,500.

A couple of other choices are what's referred to as a "Touch and Go Kart". This one features a 125cc water-cooled engine with a top speed of 115 MPH and has you pushing 3.0 G's in the corners. The price tag on this one is a little over $4,000.

Lastly, there is the 125 cc "Shifter Kart", This one is the ultimate ride for kart racing. This kart is for experienced racers that want maximum performance. This kart features a water-cooled 125cc engine with a 6-speed gearbox. The top speed for this one is 125 MPH, with cornering in excess of 3.0 G's.

For the novice that just wants an afternoon of run, the local tracks provide go kart rides starting as low
as $8.50 per person. For kids wanting to try their hand at the karts the drivers must be at least 52" tall.
On the 2 person karts the passenger must be at least 36" tall and weigh at least 40 pounds.

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