For those interested in history North Carolina and Tennessee's history can't be fully examined without looking at the part these two states played in the Civil War. One look at a map and you can tell you
how important North Carolina and Tennessee were during the Civil War. These states lay like a protective blanket over the Deep South. Any Union land invasion of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, or South Carolina had to come through one of these two states. Today dozens of Civil War battlefields and sites have become parks and museums in the years since the war, At many of the battlefields reenactments take place on the actual battle sites on the anniversaries of those battles. In
my visits to various reenactments I was quite impressed with the efforts to recreate the battles as close
as possible to the way they actually occurred, and even more impressed with the pride the reenactors take in their uniforms and equipment. For those that have never been to a reenactment I suggest it,
thus I have listed many of the reenactments that occur in or near east Tennessee and western North Carolina.

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March- Battle of Bentonville____________________________________ Bentonville, NC


April- Battle of Ashville ______________________________________ Ashville, NC

The Skirmish at Jeffersonville ____________________________ Tazewell, VA

The Battle of Bulls Gap _________________________________ Bulls Gap, TN

The Gap Divided/War Between the States Weekend___________ Cumberland Gap, TN


May- Battle of Wilson’s Store_________________________________ Waxhaws, NC

Reenactment at Elkhorn City_____________________________ Elkhorn City, KY


June- Skirmish at Warm Springs_______________________________ Hot Springs, NC

Civil War Reenactment/Clinch River Festival _______________ St. Paul, VA

Battle of Jonesville_____________________________________Pennington Gap, VA


July- Battle of Boone/Christmas in July _________________________FestivalBoone, NC

The Capture of Gladesville/Battle of Cranesnest______________Wise, VA

Battle of Oconee_______________________________________Westminister, SC

Reenactment at Hungry Mother State Park __________________Marion, VA


Aug.- Living History at the Highlands __________________________ FestivalAbingdon, VA

Thunder on the Mountain________________________________Jenkins, KY

Battle of Saltville______________________________________ Saltville, VA

Living History at Levi Jackson State Park___________________London, KY

Smoky Mountain Relic Show_____________________________Pigeon Forge, TN

Battle of Richmond_____________________________________Richmond, KY


Sept.- Living History/Russell County Fair ________________________Castlewood, VA

Battle of Bost Grist Mill_________________________________Concord, VA

SW Virginia Settlers Museum ___________________________ Groseclose, VA

Battle of Ivy Mountain and Middle Creek __________________Prestonsburg, KY

Allison Woods Living History & Reenactment_______________Statesville, NC

Battle of Barbourville___________________________________Barbourville, KY

Battle of West Liberty __________________________________West Liberty, KY

Camp Nelson Salutes ‘The Equine Warrior’_________________ Camp Nelson, KY


Oct.- Camp Nelson Salutes ‘The Equine Warrior’ _________________Camp Nelson, KY

Battle of Perryville_____________________________________Perryville, KY

Reenactment at Liberty Hill______________________________Ararat, VA

Battle of Fort Sanders___________________________________Knoxville, TN

Battle of Lancaster _____________________________________Lancaster, KY

Battle of Camp Wildcat__________________________________London, KY

Battle of Leatherwood __________________________________ Leatherwood, KY


Nov.- Battle of Zollicoffer_____________________________________Bluff City, TN



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