Want to get off road for a while when youíre here? North Carolina and Tennessee are great places to
do that. Between the two states there are over a thousand miles of marked and maintained trails
through hundreds of thousands of acres. There are trails for use with mountain bikes, ATVís, UTVís, motorcycles, Jeeps, 4X4ís, trucks, Hummers, rail buggies and horses. If you own any of the aforementioned means of transportation the number and miles of trails that are available for your use are seemingly endless and we will do our best to line up some memorable trail riding experiences.
Many of the larger trails and those at most of the State Parks do not have rental vehicles available. The rates for use of these trails average $15 - $17 per day. For those that are interested in these trails we do have access to rental ATVís and Jeeps. Rental rates vary and depend on availability and arrangements must be made to transport ATVís to the sites.

We offer two stock options for ATV trail rides where rental vehicles are available at the trail sites.

Rates for these two options are as follows:


1. Guided tours with

1 Hour ATV rentals - $ 44.95 (single rider)

1 Hour Rhino rentals - $ 84.95 (two adults)


1 Ĺ Hour ATV rentals -$ 59.95 (single rider)

1 Ĺ Hour Rhino rentals -$109.95 (two adults)


Custom ride Ė 2 hours -$ 94.95 (single rider)

Ridge Run Ride (for experienced adult riders) -$ 69.95 (single rider)

2. Guided tours on 45,000 acres with 300 miles of trail

4WD 360 rentals -$142.02 (per day)

4WD 650 rentals -$163.88 (per day)

Rhino/Tyrex rentals -$223.96 (per day)

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