Hellbender is a 22-mile stretch of Route 28 in North Carolina that runs from Johnson Gap and the junction of Route 143 west, to Deals Gap and the North Carolina end of the Dragon's Tail. This stretch of road passes Fontana Lake and the entrance to Fontana Dam. There are a couple of pull-off areas that provide some excellent photo opportunities of the lake. If you ride this stretch of road, I highly recommend a side trip to Fontana Dam. It is important to keep in mind that this stretch of road has many tight curves and switch backs. Curves such as The Big Drop, Rattlesnake Bends, Poison Cove and Lewellyn's Nightmare will definitely challenge your riding ability. On this road, as well as all mountain roads, I recommend you take it easy on your first ride through. Like the Dragon, Hellbender has been the site of many motorcycle accidents, some fatal.

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