The Devil's Triangle is located northwest of Knoxville near the town of Oak Ridge and consists of Routes 116, 330 and 62. The triangle passes Frozen Head State Park and Brushy Mountain State Prison near Petros, TN. The southwest side of the triangle on Route 116 has a good series of twists and turns with changing elevations, which makes it a challenge to ride. This area starts by Brushy Mountain State Prison and continues to Fork Mountain. The same is true for the far northeastern part of Route 116 from just outside Graves Gap to Laurel Grove.

Many people consider this route more dangerous to ride than the Dragon's Tail due to road conditions, residential areas with driveways and dogs, and as I said earlier, the big change in elevations when you are in the twists. To ride heading downhill in the curves, you need to do the route in a clockwise direction although there was a report in October 2008 that stated that at that time there were serious pavement issues with riding that direction so a counter-clockwise route was suggested. Either way you decide to ride, I will state that this is no place for an inexperienced rider! There haven't been as many deaths or accidents here as on the Dragon, but that is only because this route is not nearly as well known.

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